SuperHAC 4.2.9 Update - Added ImageTyperz and ImageDecoders

There’s been some on and off issues with DeathByCaptcha that some users have been dealing with. So for more reliable captcha solving, two new captcha services have been added: ImageTyperz and ImageDecoders. Both have been tested and are reliable at this time. To activate these services, simply enter your username and password for each, and then check the checkboxes. As of now, the priority order is ImageTyperz -> ImageDecoders -> DeathByCaptcha/Manual. As a side note, we are hoping to have GSA Captcha Breaker fully compatible soon.

As always, updating will be done automatically upon opening the software.

If you are looking to test out the software, visit here.

WHM 11 Tutorial: Change Root Password

  1. Click on “Change Root Password” in the top left of the menu.
  2. Click “Password Generator”, check off the checkbox, click “Use Password”
  3. Click “Change Password”

Excel 2010 Tutorial: Sort Column By Number Of Characters In Each Cell

  1. Click on the top cell to the right (or left) of the column you wish to sort.
  2. Type “=LEN(” in the function bar and click the first cell of the column you wish to sort. Then add a “)” and hit enter on your keyboard. The full function is “=LEN(cell_ref)”. This will reveal the number of characters in the first cell.
  3. Click the bottom right corner of the cell with the number and drag down to autofill the rest of the data.
  4. Now highlight both columns and click “Sort & Filter” at the top right of the screen. Then click “Sort Smallest to Largest”.
  5. You can now delete the column with the number of characters.

Notepad++ Tutorial: Trim Leading Spaces

  1. Select your desired text.
  2. Click Edit .. Blank Operations .. Trim Leading Space

Notepad++ Tutorial: Change Colors & Themes

  1. Click Settings .. Style Configurator
  2. Select your desired theme in the “Select theme” drop down.
  3. Click “Save & Close”.

Download Notepad++ Themes